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Health is a priority, not an option. This belief drives us to provide the best quality water that contributes positively to your health. Our rigorous purification process removes all impurities, making China Water Pakistan Company's product the best water for health. With each sip, you're not just staying hydrated; you're enhancing your well-being.

Full Control

Experience unparalleled purity with our mineral water, meticulously monitored from source to bottle for optimal quality.

Healthy Composition

Our mineral water, rich in vital minerals like calcium and magnesium, enhances your health with every sip.

6 Filtration Stages

Every drop of our water undergoes a detailed six-step filtration, ensuring purity while preserving minerals.

Quality certificates

Each bottle of our mineral water ensures compliance with global quality standards, verified by top certifications.

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What inside



5-48 mg/L

Sodium maintain a balance of body fluids and keep muscles and nerves running smoothly


5-25 mg/L

Magnesium is a key factor in making several parts of the body run smoothly: the heart, bones, muscles, nerves, and others.


0.5-5 mg/L

Potassium is an essential mineral that is needed by all tissues in the body.


10-100 mg/L

Chloride is present in natural water in the form of sodium, calcium, and magnesium salts.


30-100 mg/L

Chloride sulphate waters stimulate intestinal motility and are administered against chronic constipation.


6.5-8.5 mg/L

Water has a neutral pH of 7, which indicates that it is neither acidic or basic.

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Top Pakistani Mineral Water

Experience the Purity of Top Pakistani Mineral Water.

At China Water Pakistan Company, we understand the importance of clean, safe drinking water. That's why we've invested in the latest international technology to bring you the best natural water in Pakistan. Our state-of-the-art machinery from abroad is designed to eliminate 100% of viruses, bacteria, and harmful germs, ensuring that every drop is as pure as nature intended.
When it comes to your family's health, compromise is not an option. China Water Pakistan Company provides the best quality water, rigorously tested and certified to exceed local and international safety standards. Our commitment to delivering pure and healthy water makes us the top drinking water brand in Pakistan

Why Choose China Water Pakistan Company?



With machinery that eradicates all contaminants, our water is safe for all ages and medical conditions.

Our state-of-the-art filtration systems remove all impurities, ensuring our water is completely safe for everyone, including those with specific health concerns. We employ advanced technology to purify our water, guaranteeing it meets the highest standards of safety for individuals of any age or health condition. Our rigorous purification process eliminates all harmful substances, making our water reliably safe for consumption by all demographics. Through meticulous contaminant removal, we provide water that's not only pure but also perfectly suited for people with sensitive health requirements.


Enjoy the refreshing taste of the best natural water in Pakistan. Our mineral water is balanced and perfect for everyday consumption.

Experience the crisp, clean taste of our premium natural water, sourced directly from Pakistan's purest springs, ideal for daily drinking. Discover the exceptional purity and balanced mineral content of our water, providing a refreshing taste that sets a new standard for bottled water in Pakistan. Enjoy the clean, refreshing flavor of our top-quality natural water, a staple for health-conscious individuals seeking superior hydration every day. Relish the crisp, clean taste of our natural mineral water, an essential choice for anyone seeking premium hydration with every sip, right here in Pakistan.

Mineral-Rich Refreshment


Rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, our natural water supports overall wellness, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals looking for more than just hydration..

Table of nutritional values

Nutrient Amount Benefit Unit
Calcium 10-50 Bone health mg/L
Magnesium 5-25 Muscle function mg/L
Sodium 5-48 Fluid balance mg/L
Potassium 0.5-5 Heart health mg/L
Bicarbonate 30-250 Digestive balance mg/L
Iron 0.01-0.3 Oxygen transport mg/L
Zinc 0.05-0.2 Immune support mg/L
Fluoride 0.01-0.3 Dental health mg/L
Sulfates 30-100 Skin health mg/L

The table highlights essential minerals in filtered or mineral water and their health benefits, emphasizing how their consumption supports well-being.

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